UI/UX Animation

User Experience Design

Introduction to UX (User Experience), User centered design process, Conceptualisation and ideation, User’s mental model, Products designed on user’s mental model, Confused mental models
Products Designed on Confused Mental Model, UCD Process – 5 distinct phases

Persona mapping
Module Overview: Storyboarding, Scenario Map, Empathy mapping, Methods of UX research – Qualitative/quantitative, Data gathering methods and sources, Expert Review, Interviews
Surveys and Email Questionnaire, Observation – Eye Tracking
Clickstream Analysis, Focus group, user groups, market segments
Competitor analysis

User Interface and Design Principles

Cognitive Studies for better User Experience, Gestalt principles
Visual design – color theory, typography, Using graphics and illustrations to finalise designs, Use of Writing in UI Design, Microcopy, User Interface Elements, UI controls/patterns, Input Controls, Navigational Components, Informational Components, Containers, Types of Disabilities, Accessibility in design


Tarun Chaudhary

12 years of experience

UI Prototyping and Styling

Prototype?, When to Test a prototype, Fidelity of a Prototype – High / Medium / Low, Paper Prototyping, Wireframing, Low fidelity and wireframing, Digital Prototype, HTML Prototype, Grid and layout systems, Information architecture, Content audit,Information architecture and card sorting methods, Exact Organization Schemes, Ambiguous Organizational Schemes, Flat vs. Deep Hierarchies, Navigation – Primary and Secondary, Associative Navigation, Sequential Navigation, Breadcrumb Navigation, Click versus Clock, Creating Error Messages.

UX Research and Testing

Heuristic Evaluation for Redesigning Project
Planning and Conducting Usability Tests
Surveys and Question
A/B Testing
Heatmaps with tools like Hotjar User Testing

Portfolio Building

Website Design
iOS App Design
Android App Design