Salesforce is a cloud computing technology. It is available on the cloud; there is no need to install any software and no hardware is required for this technology. In Salesforce, we can develop our own application and we can upload application from app exchange also. Sales Cloud is a CRM system that allows managing contact, leads, opportunities, customers and much more.


      • It is no.1 in demand.
      • It reduces development cost.
      • We can deliver application in very short period of time.
      • It is very good market place to buy and sell our application to apps exchange.
      • It is available on cloud, no need to install any software and no requirement of any hardware.

Week 1– Sales Force CRM (SFDC)

Module :- Administrator

Introduction, Cloud Computing, CRM Overview, Salesforce CRM, Environments & Landscapes, Environment, Landscapes, Salesforce Editions, Salesforce Licenses, Trail Account & Developer Account

Marketing Cloud :- Campaign, Lead, Customer Master – Account & Contacts.

Sales Cloud :-  Opportunity Management, CPQ, CLM (Contracts), Order Management, Asset Management

Service Cloud :- Case Management, Solutions

Week 2- Administration

User Management, Territory Management, Company Profile, Email Management, Data Management

Week 3- Data Security

Desktop and Mobile App Administration, Application, Objects, Tabs , Approval Process, Fields & Relationships, Process Builder, Flow Builder (Interview), Validation Rules, Layouts and Forms

Week 4- Automation

Workflows, Wave Analytics – Analytical Cloud, Reports, Monitoring, Dashboard, Communities, Sales Force CRM (SFDC), Development, Developer ConsoleHAT IS SALESFORCE

Shyam Arora

14 years of experience

Module :- Developer 

Week 5-  OOPS Basics 

Week 6 – Creating VF Page, Visualforce Basic’s Tags, Standard Controller, List View 

Week 7-  VisualForce :- Basics, Input Components, Select Components,  

Week 8-  JavaScripting, Output Components, Referring apex class in VF 

Week 9- Message tags, Panel tags, Other Components, Ajax Actions, AJAX, Jquery, CSS 

Week 10 

Visualforce Call, APEX, SOQL, Email Services, SOSL, Triggers, DML, Future Methods, Queueable Apex, Schedule Apex, Batch Apex 

Week 11 

Custom Settings, Custom Metadata, Custom Sidebar components, Test Classes, Deployments &Version, Controlling, Salesforce DX, Schema, Extensions, Triggers, Agile Scrum, Projects