RPA- Automation Anywhere

Module 1
Overview of Automation Anywhere, Importance, Learn the processes which are automatable, Understanding Digital Workforce Platforms, Architecture, Recorder types, Workflow Designer, Web Control Room, Web Control Dashboard

Module 2
Features of Automation Anywhere, Variables, Variables,  Operation Commands, Variable manager, Task Editor

Module 3
Cloning and Commands, Library of Commands, Object Cloning, Manage windows, PDF integration, Error management command

Module 4
Bot Operations, Recorder Hierarchy, Creator, Command Portability, Runner, Formats which are automation friendly, Naming Conventions, Tips on automation, Best practices, use cases

Module 5
IQ Bot, Introduction, architecture overview, Architecture and Communication Diagram, Document analysis, Protocol Specifications, Portal and Workflow, Creating Instance, Measure and monitor Bot performance and BotInsight, Analytics

Module 6
MetaBot, Overview of MetaBot Designer, Features of MetaBot Designer, Advantages, How to use MetaBot.

Sandeep Kumar

15 years of experience


Module 7
WebCR, Overview and features, Advantages, Web Control Room Setting, Repository Manager, Operation Rooms, License Management, Operational Analytics

Module 8
Security, Audit, and User Management in WebCR, Audit trial, Security, User Management, Clients, App Management, Task Schedule, Credential Manager

Skills to Master
Digital workforce, platforms, Workflow designer Web, control room, Operation Command, Task Editor, Object Cloning, PDF integration, Command portability, Recorder Hierarchy, IQ Bot Architecture, Document Analysis, Portal and workflow, Metabot Designer and its advantages, Repository Manager, License Management, Operational Analytics.