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In this UI/UX Design Expert Master’s Program, you will learn the design-centric approach toward user interface and user experience. The program summarizes and demonstrates all stages of the UI/UX development process. Starting with UX Research, where you will grasp the concepts of UX laws, conceptualization, and ideation, you will move on to learning about user profiles, ROI measurement, persona mapping, storyboarding, and competitor analysis, and then to applying design thinking principles to UI prototyping and styling. At last, you will learn about experience design, usability, and testing and end this program with an impressive design portfolio with three effective and compelling designs that showcase your personal brand to the world.

By the end of this course, you will be able to describe and apply current best practices and conventions in UX design, identify user groups, and market segments, and perform empathy and persona mapping to enhance the audience’s experience during content consumption.

Course Outline

⦁ Introduction to UX (User Experience)
⦁ User-centered design process
⦁ Conceptualization and ideation
⦁ User’s mental model
⦁ Products designed on the user’s mental model
⦁ Confused mental models
⦁ Products Designed on Confused Mental Model
⦁ UCD Process – 5 distinct phases
⦁ Persona mapping
⦁ Module Overview:
⦁ In this course, you will proceed on a roadmap to becoming a UX Design Expert. You will
⦁ start your journey at ideation and conceptualization; to the creation of user profiles, user
⦁ groups, market segments, and storyboarding; and, in the end, learn about information
⦁ architecture and card sorting methods.
⦁ Storyboarding
⦁ Scenario Map
⦁ Empathy mapping
⦁ Methods of UX research – Qualitative/quantitative
⦁ Data gathering methods and sources
⦁ Expert Review
⦁ Interviews
⦁ Surveys and Email Questionnaire
⦁ Observation – Eye Tracking
⦁ Clickstream Analysis
⦁ Focus groups, user groups, market segments
⦁ Competitor analysis


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