RPA (Foundation)


Duration 24 Hrs


Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is an emerging software technology developed to build, deploy and manage software robots following human action.

 The purposes

  • It frees humans from monotonous work and saves time for employees to invest in creative and decision-making tasks.
  • It reduces staff costs and completes the work more quickly.
  • Ensure business operations and processes follow regulations and standards.

Industries Using RPA

  • Banking: Helps in accuracy and security of the data.
  • Insurance: It manages the work process and enters data.
  • Healthcare: It helps in patient’s data entry, bills and appointments etc.
  • Telecommunication: It works on monitoring and updating customers data
  • Manufacturing and Retail: It tools help in supply chain procedures. It also helps in billing, shipping products, tracking shipments etc.


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