Pure Water is the World's First and Foremost Medicine

What We Do

We want to represent to you an Indigenous "Made in Bharat" Technology, for creating a Carbon Neutral Country with No Drought, No Sewage, No Floods, No Air Pollution and a Chemical Free Food Chain, by Rejuvenation of Inland Water Bodies In-Situ conditions.

In your entire Country, with Ecological Rejuvenation, our Technology can create:-

1) Ecological Smart Cities, with Ample Water, Zero Air Pollution, Healthy and Clean Water Bodies including Drains and Rivers, and Greenery for all Life forms.

2) Ecological Smart Villages, with Diseases, Pests and Weather Resilient Farms, with a Chemical Agriculture, Aquaculture and Animal Husbandry. Making Farmers win on both Quality and Quantity to mitigate Food Scarcity.

3) Biomass Energy, from Bamboo cultivation across all your Wastelands and Barrenlands for continuous Electricity in the most Ecological and Economical Plants.

So, effectively, a continuous supply of Food, Water and Electricity with Zero Air Pollution In-Situ conditions.


Sandeep Kumar

Founder & CEO

Tarun Chaudhary

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Man Singh Nayak

Co-Founder & CMO

Yash Kumar

Co-Founder & CSO